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Transform your smile in just a few easy visits

After your initial smile design consultation, your dentist will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and send the impressions to the dental lab where your Lumineers are fabricated. 

Your Lumineers will be placed during your final appointment. Lumineers are placed by dentists trained in painless minimally invasive techniques that typically require no shots or aggressive drilling. The result is an immediate, natural-looking and long-lasting smile transformation. You won’t stop smiling!

Every oral health situation is unique and your experience may vary, most Lumineers® procedures are completed in just a few easy visits. Your dentist may recommend additional dental procedures to complement your Lumineers smile makeover.


Woman reviewing her new Lumineers

Lumineers compared to Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers are digitally designed to be ultra-thin (about as thin as a contact lens), so they can be applied seamlessly over your teeth to deliver a natural-looking smile. Traditional porcelain veneers are generally thicker, and usually require more aggressive and irreversible removal of healthy tooth structure. The extensive preparation required for traditional porcelain veneers frequently requires anesthesia shots to minimize sensitivity and pain, and typically involves placement of acrylic temporaries in between appointments. The minimally invasive Lumineers technique typically eliminates the need for shots or temporaries, so you will still look and feel great while your Lumineers are artistically crafted in the lab.


Real Patients: Matt

A Lumineers smile makeover can have a positive impact on all aspects of life — from improved self-esteem and a more successful social life to improved career opportunities. A confident smile conveys that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges with conviction. Watch our Lumineers patient testimonials to see how Lumineers smile makeovers have improved the lives of patients in unexpected ways.

Patient Testimonials

““I was embarrassed to smile. Now I smile all the time.”
Client Name
“I  straightened my teeth but couldn’t lengthen or reshape my teeth. With Lumineers my smile was perfected.”
Client Name
“It’s amazing how something so small made such a huge difference!”.”
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